Have you ever said to yourself?


I never get the stuff done I actually want to do.

I always end up procrastinating.

It’s all too much I feel overwhelmed.

In this current age where we are contactable 24/7  being “busy” is worn like a badge of honour.  However most “busy” people aren’t actually getting much done.

I’ve been one of those people, in the past I have talked about a new business I want to get up and running or that I want to go for a walk outside everyday.  Then it doesn’t happen and I’d say ‘Oh yeah well I’m so busy I didn’t have the time’.

I’m calling you out (in a loving way) if you have something you really want to achieve then you can do it with some accountability.

So many people working from home or with kids back at school have a lot of time on their own and it can be hard to stay motivated or procrastination kicks in or your to do lists are so long you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

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