All about me

About me

Hi I’m Mary Ashton and I help new parents of twins achieve confidence and enjoy the early weeks of parenting and beyond using my extensive knowledge and experience.  I’ve been working with children for 22 years and for the last 13 years I have been working exclusively with parents who have just given birth, my specialist area is multiple births, twins or triplets, and premature babies.

Having such extensive experience of newborn twins and premature babies allows me to help prepare parents-to-be for the challenges they will face and support them during their journey into parenthood.

The one thing I have learnt 200 children later is that no two babies are the same, they are as individual as grown adults, and therefore one parenting style does not fit all babies.  I am able to alleviate worries and provide parents with suggestions and alternatives to try to find what works best for them and their babies.

Maternity nursing

I got this experience from working as a Maternity Nurse where I would live in a clients home as soon as they got home from the hospital and work 24 hr days (with a couple of hours break) 6 days a week or 10-12 hour night only.  The babies would sleep in a room with me and if Mum was breastfeeding I would take them to her to feed then she would be able to go back to sleep whilst I settled the babies back to sleep, which can sometimes take a while.

I would teach the parents all aspects of baby care from how to properly wash, sterilise bottles and breast pumps and how to prepare feeds (formula or expressed breastmilk), how to effectively wind a baby, how to encourage good sleep habits and establishing gentle routines.  On several occasions I also accompanied families on their first trips away from home with their babies.