All about me

Hey I’m Mary – the Accountability Queen!

An Accountability and Subconscious Transformation Coach.

I had spent years “trying” to move my work as a Maternity Nurse online so I didn’t have to keep doing killer commutes and working waking nights.

What I learnt in those years of “trying” was that although I had enjoyed my work with families and their newborn babies it did not light me up in my core.

Through working with my coach and doing my own subconscious transformation work I came to realise that my need to people please and putting everyone else’s needs before my own had stripped me of my identity and purpose.

I always used to hear people talking about being in alignment with what they do but just didn’t get it until one day during lockdown (April 2020) my mentor offered me a job assisting her.

I have always been organised and had a love of stationery (I know I’m not alone in this), with a special obsession with post it notes!!

I loved this work – supporting someone whose work I had not only experienced personally but truly believed in.  This was a way for me to have positive impact on the world.

I’m such a fan of the subconscious transformation work that I am training in several modalities to be able to offer this to my own coaching clients when needed.

Doing this work I have realised that the one thing I am totally awesome at is keeping people accountable to what they say they are going to do.  I love nothing more than watching people achieve their goals and dreams.