Full term twins, those born at or after 37 weeks, weigh on average 2.5kg/5lb8oz. It is highly likely that your twins will be different weights, however due to the shorter gestation time for multiple births the babies tend to come out smaller than singleton babies. For clothes I would advise buying some outfits in the size before newborn, usually called early baby. Some baby clothing ranges have a size before this called tiny baby which you would only need if your babies were born prematurely. Another thing that can be useful especially if you are unfamiliar with handling small babies are wrap around vest which you lay out flat and then lay the baby on top of and do it up rather than needing to get a vest over the baby’s head. You can find an example of a wrap around vest here. These are also the easiest clothes for babies who need to spend time in intensive or special care (NICU or SCBU) as it’s easy to get around the monitor wires and feeding tubes if they have them.
If you have a grandparent or friend who loves knitting some little cardigans and hats would be very useful and will help to keep the babies warm.
I have created the Ultimate Twin Birth Bag List to help you pack for you babies arrival you can get your FREE copy here

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